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White Continuity

Creating continuity and integration by emphasizing the importance of the product and placing all functions in a continuous spacez

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"White Continuity" is a bridal dress maison in a space of 70 square meters, on the fifth floor of a commercial-office complex with similar uses. Considering the small size of the project and creating spatial potentials in the fastest time and the easiest way possible, the intervention Minimalism was put on the agenda as the main issue of the project, in the next step, the issue was raised as to how to create a continuous and integrated space and along with that, place different uses inside or in the enclosed space between its levels, this element in addition to Based on the index and differentiating the mason, he tries to solve the functional issues and the requirements of the project in himself.
In dealing with the main element of the space, we tried to create continuity and integration by borrowing from the soft and fabric surfaces of clothes. This goal was achieved by moving the vertical page on the surface of the walls and expanding and contracting it to accommodate different functions and allow the audience to rotate in the space and provide maximum interaction with the product. Facing the main product (wedding dresses), the architectural element is not heard and it prepares the space for more attention to the products and uses a soft expression with neutral colors to emphasize the importance of the product and has a significant effect on Ease of comparison and decision-making for the audience.
The main space of the maison contains the main uses of the collection, including: bridal dress regalia, crown rack, waiting area and response area for visitors, where the main interactions take place in this space. In the next stage, there is a steam room and a sewing room, which are not open to everyone, so the entrance to these two spaces was hidden from public view using an architectural element.

White Unity