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Iran Burger

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"Iran Burger" is one of the fast food chains, this branch is 240 square meters that located in one of the busy and developing streets of Shiraz city

The project tries to use the capacities of the architectural elements to achieve the same but flexible identity in dealing with different branches. Connecting the audience with the characteristics of the brand architecture, staying in mind and discovering the relationship between different branches can be considered the main issue of explaining the strategy

The issue can be seen as the reading of the space, the ability to expand the design in different substrate, and also its visibility as an Index element in the urban wall


The project is trying to respond the invitation and maximum connection of the citizens with the project and use form abilities in dealing with this issue with a clear stance

Using the arch element and taking advantage of its potential to create diverse and long-familiar spaces was on the agenda. In the design of the arch, a redefinition of that symbolic form plays a role in this project and according to the use, it gives itself different functions that allow the audience to have maximum flow and interaction in the space. In fact, the empty spaces formed inside the arch and the distance between them define various spaces. By activating the horizontal and vertical section and also playing with arches direction, sometimes creating the entry from transparent screen, the other time it has taken the role of the seat and sometimes the role of the customer service provider


Project form expansion was done in paying the project details. The borderline of being the object distinct and being dissolved in the totality of space. Like a rotated arch as an entrance, or semi-arches that form the living space next to the rotated arc of the counter. Different colors create different scenarios that engage the audience with more spatialelements

Iran burger